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# NOTE: This file is now obsolete.  However it has been left functional
# and intact in order to promote backwards compatibility with existing
# PyMOL installs.
# Future installations should launch pymol by running:
#   "python $PYMOL_PATH/modules/pymol/__init__.py" instead.
# or
#   by importing "pymol" from within a standalone Python script
#   followed immediately by a call to pymol.finish_launching()

import thread 
import threading 
import os
import sys
import time
import __main__

# let pymol/__init__.py known that we're launching using the old way

__main__.pymol_launch = 0 

if hasattr(__main__,"pymol_argv"):
   pymol_argv = __main__.pymol_argv
   pymol_argv = sys.argv

modules_path = os.environ['PYMOL_PATH']+'/modules'

if modules_path not in sys.path:

import pymol



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