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pymol::rpc Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

an XML-RPC server to allow remote control of PyMol

  Author: Greg Landrum (Landrum@RationalDiscovery.com)
  Created:       January 2002
  $LastChangedDate: 2004-02-25 15:14:32 -0800 (Wed, 25 Feb 2004) $
  License:  PyMol
- a python xmlrpclib distribution containing the SimpleXMLRPCServer
  module (1.0 or greater should be fine)
- python with threading enabled  
  RD Version: $Rev: 3199 $            


def colorObj
def launch_XMLRPC
def rpcCmd
def rpcCountAtoms
def rpcCylinder
def rpcDeleteAll
def rpcDeleteObject
def rpcGet
def rpcGetNames
def rpcHelp
def rpcHide
def rpcIdAtom
def rpcIdentify
def rpcIndex
def rpcLabel
def rpcLoadFile
def rpcLoadMolBlock
def rpcLoadSurface
def rpcPing
def rpcQuit
def rpcResetCGO
def rpcRotate
def rpcSave
def rpcSet
def rpcShow
def rpcSphere
def rpcTranslate
def rpcZoom


int _nPortsToTry = 5
int _xmlPort = 9123

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