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A* -------------------------------------------------------------------
B* This file contains source code for the PyMOL computer program
C* copyright 1998-2000 by Warren Lyford Delano of DeLano Scientific. 
D* -------------------------------------------------------------------
E* It is unlawful to modify or remove this copyright notice.
F* -------------------------------------------------------------------
G* Please see the accompanying LICENSE file for further information. 
H* -------------------------------------------------------------------
I* Additional authors of this source file include:
Z* -------------------------------------------------------------------
#ifndef _H_CGO
#define _H_CGO


/* Compiled Graphics Library for simple graphics objects
   in floating point three-space, with the goal of achieving
   quick and easy rendering in multiple environments without the
   headaches of OpenGL arrays.


/* Supported functions:
 * stop
 * null
 * begin
 * end
 * vertex 
 * normal 
 * color 
 * sphere   * currently for ray-tracing only
 * triangle * currently for ray-tracing only
 * cylinder * currently for ray-tracing only
 * linewidth
 * primwidth * ray-tracing 

struct _CGO {
  PyMOLGlobals *G;
  float *op;
  int c;
  int z_flag;
  float z_min, z_max;
  float z_vector[3];
  int *i_start, i_size;

/* instructions and data segment sizes */

#define CGO_STOP                 0x00
#define CGO_STOP_SZ              0
#define CGO_NULL                 0x01
#define CGO_NULL_SZ              0
#define CGO_BEGIN                0x02
#define CGO_BEGIN_SZ             1
#define CGO_END                  0x03
#define CGO_END_SZ               0
#define CGO_VERTEX               0x04
#define CGO_VERTEX_SZ            3
#define CGO_NORMAL               0x05
#define CGO_NORMAL_SZ            3
#define CGO_COLOR                0x06
#define CGO_COLOR_SZ             3
#define CGO_SPHERE               0x07
#define CGO_SPHERE_SZ            4
#define CGO_TRIANGLE             0x08
#define CGO_TRIANGLE_SZ          27
#define CGO_CYLINDER             0x09
#define CGO_CYLINDER_SZ          13
#define CGO_LINEWIDTH            0x0A
#define CGO_LINEWIDTH_SZ         1
#define CGO_WIDTHSCALE           0x0B
#define CGO_WIDTHSCALE_SZ        1
#define CGO_ENABLE               0x0C
#define CGO_ENABLE_SZ            1
#define CGO_DISABLE              0x0D
#define CGO_DISABLE_SZ           1
#define CGO_SAUSAGE              0x0E
#define CGO_SAUSAGE_SZ           13
#define CGO_CUSTOM_CYLINDER      0x0F
#define CGO_DOTWIDTH             0x10
#define CGO_DOTWIDTH_SZ          1
#define CGO_ALPHA_TRIANGLE       0x11
#define CGO_ELLIPSOID            0x12
#define CGO_ELLIPSOID_SZ         13
#define CGO_FONT                 0x13
#define CGO_FONT_SZ              3      /*  size, face, style */
#define CGO_FONT_SCALE           0x14
#define CGO_FONT_SCALE_SZ        2
#define CGO_FONT_VERTEX          0x15
#define CGO_FONT_VERTEX_SZ       3      /*  principle axes (zeros -> use camera x y z */
#define CGO_FONT_AXES            0x16
#define CGO_FONT_AXES_SZ         9      /*  principle axes (zeros -> use camera x y z */
#define CGO_CHAR                 0x17
#define CGO_CHAR_SZ              1
#define CGO_INDENT               0x18
#define CGO_INDENT_SZ            2
#define CGO_ALPHA                0x19
#define CGO_ALPHA_SZ             1
#define CGO_QUADRIC              0x1A
#define CGO_QUADRIC_SZ           14
#define CGO_CONE                0x1B
#define CGO_CONE_SZ             16
#define CGO_RESET_NORMAL         0x1E
#define CGO_RESET_NORMAL_SZ      1
#define CGO_PICK_COLOR           0x1F
#define CGO_PICK_COLOR_SZ        2
#define CGO_MASK                 0x1F

#define CGO_LIGHTING             0x0B50

int CGORendererInit(PyMOLGlobals * G);
void CGORendererFree(PyMOLGlobals * G);
CGO *CGONew(PyMOLGlobals * G);
CGO *CGONewSized(PyMOLGlobals * G, int size);
int CGOGetExtent(CGO * I, float *mn, float *mx);

void CGOFree(CGO * I);
CGO *CGODrawText(CGO * I, int est, float *camera);

CGO *CGOSimplify(CGO * I, int est);

void CGOReserve(CGO * ptr, int est);

int CGOCheckComplex(CGO * I);
int CGOPreloadFonts(CGO * I);

int CGOCheckForText(CGO * I);

int CGOFromFloatArray(CGO * I, float *src, int len);

void CGOBegin(CGO * I, int mode);
void CGOEnd(CGO * I);

void CGOSphere(CGO * I, float *v1, float r);
void CGOEllipsoid(CGO * I, float *v1, float r, float *n1, float *n2, float *n3);
void CGOQuadric(CGO * I, float *v1, float r, float *p); /* NOT WORKING YET */
void CGOSausage(CGO * I, float *v1, float *v2, float r, float *c1, float *c2);
void CGOVertex(CGO * I, float v1, float v2, float v3);
void CGOVertexv(CGO * I, float *v);
void CGOAlpha(CGO * I, float alpha);
void CGOColor(CGO * I, float v1, float v2, float v3);
void CGOColorv(CGO * I, float *v);
void CGONormal(CGO * I, float v1, float v2, float v3);
void CGONormalv(CGO * I, float *v);
void CGOResetNormal(CGO * I, int mode);
void CGOLinewidth(CGO * I, float v);
void CGODotwidth(CGO * I, float v);
void CGOChar(CGO * I, char c);
void CGOFontVertex(CGO * I, float x, float y, float z);
void CGOFontVertexv(CGO * I, float *v);
void CGOFontScale(CGO * I, float v1, float v2);
void CGOChar(CGO * I, char c);
void CGOIndent(CGO * I, char c, float dir);
void CGOWrite(CGO * I, char *str);
void CGOWriteLeft(CGO * I, char *str);
void CGOWriteIndent(CGO * I, char *str, float indent);

/*void CGOFontScale(CGO *I,float v);
  void CGOFont(CGO *I,float size,int face,int style);*/

void CGOEnable(CGO * I, int mode);
void CGODisable(CGO * I, int mode);

void CGOStop(CGO * I);

void CGOCylinderv(CGO * I, float *p1, float *p2, float r, float *c1, float *c2);
void CGOCustomCylinderv(CGO * I, float *p1, float *p2, float r, float *c1, float *c2,
                        float cap1, float cap2);
void CGOConev(CGO * I, float *p1, float *p2, float r1, float r2, float *c1, float *c2,
              float cap1, float cap2);

void CGOAlphaTriangle(CGO * I,
                      float *v1, float *v2, float *v3,
                      float *n1, float *n2, float *n3,
                      float *c1, float *c2, float *c3,
                      float a1, float a2, float a3, int reverse);
void CGOSetZVector(CGO * I, float z0, float z1, float z2);
struct GadgetSet;
CGO *CGOProcessShape(CGO * I, struct GadgetSet *gs, CGO * result);
void CGORenderGLPicking(CGO * I, Picking ** pick,
                        PickContext * context, CSetting * set1, CSetting * set2);
void CGORenderGL(CGO * I, float *color, CSetting * set1, CSetting * set2,
                 RenderInfo * info);
void CGORenderGLAlpha(CGO * I, RenderInfo * info);
void CGORenderRay(CGO * I, CRay * ray, float *color, CSetting * set1, CSetting * set2);
void CGOReset(CGO * I);

PyObject *CGOAsPyList(CGO * I);
CGO *CGONewFromPyList(PyMOLGlobals * G, PyObject * list, int version);
void CGOPickColor(CGO * I, int index, int bond);


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