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 *cr            (C) Copyright 1995-2006 The Board of Trustees of the
 *cr                        University of Illinois
 *cr                         All Rights Reserved

 *      $RCSfile: vmdplugin.h,v $
 *      $Author: johns $       $Locker:  $             $State: Exp $
 *      $Revision: 1.32 $       $Date: 2009/02/24 05:12:35 $

/** @file
 * This header must be included by every VMD plugin library.  It defines the
 * API for every plugin so that VMD can organize the plugins it finds.  

#ifndef VMD_PLUGIN_H
#define VMD_PLUGIN_H

 * Preprocessor tricks to make it easier for us to redefine the names of
 * functions when building static plugins.
#if !defined(VMDPLUGIN)
  * macro defining VMDPLUGIN if it hasn't already been set to the name of 
  * a static plugin that is being compiled.  This is the catch-all case.
00036 #define VMDPLUGIN vmdplugin
/** concatenation macro, joins args x and y together as a single string */
00039 #define xcat(x, y) cat(x, y)
/** concatenation macro, joins args x and y together as a single string */
00041 #define cat(x, y) x ## y 

 *  macros to correctly define plugin function names depending on whether 
 *  the plugin is being compiled for static linkage or dynamic loading. 
 *  When compiled for static linkage, each plugin needs to have unique
 *  function names for all of its entry points.  When compiled for dynamic
 *  loading, the plugins must name their entry points consistently so that
 *  the plugin loading mechanism can find the register, register_tcl, init,
 *  and fini routines via dlopen() or similar operating system interfaces.
/** Macro names entry points correctly for static linkage or dynamic loading */
00054 #define VMDPLUGIN_register     xcat(VMDPLUGIN, _register)
#define VMDPLUGIN_register_tcl xcat(VMDPLUGIN, _register_tcl)
#define VMDPLUGIN_init         xcat(VMDPLUGIN, _init)
#define VMDPLUGIN_fini         xcat(VMDPLUGIN, _fini)

/** "WIN32" is defined on both WIN32 and WIN64 platforms... */
#if (defined(WIN32)) 
#include <windows.h>

#if !defined(STATIC_PLUGIN)
 *  Only define DllMain for plugins, not in VMD or in statically linked plugins
 *  VMDPLUGIN_EXPORTS is only defined when compiling dynamically loaded plugins
                       DWORD ul_reason_for_call,
                       LPVOID lpReserved
  return TRUE;

#define VMDPLUGIN_API __declspec(dllexport)
#define VMDPLUGIN_API __declspec(dllimport)
#else  /* ! STATIC_PLUGIN */
#endif /* ! STATIC_PLUGIN */
/** If we're not compiling on Windows, then this macro is defined empty */
00089 #define VMDPLUGIN_API 

/** define plugin linkage correctly for both C and C++ based plugins */
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif  /* __cplusplus */

 * Plugin API functions start here 

 * Init routine: called the first time the library is loaded by the 
 * application and before any other API functions are referenced.
 * Return 0 on success.

 * Macro for creating a struct header used in all plugin structures.
 * This header should be placed at the top of every plugin API definition 
 * so that it can be treated as a subtype of the base plugin type.
 * abiversion: Defines the ABI for the base plugin type (not for other plugins)
 * type: A string descriptor of the plugin type.
 * name: A name for the plugin.
 * author: A string identifier, possibly including newlines.
 * Major and minor version.  
 * is_reentrant: Whether this library can be run concurrently with itself.
00124 #define vmdplugin_HEAD \
  int abiversion; \
  const char *type; \
  const char *name; \
  const char *prettyname; \
  const char *author; \
  int majorv; \
  int minorv; \
  int is_reentrant; 

  * Typedef for generic plugin header, individual plugins can
  * make their own structures as long as the header info remains 
  * the same as the generic plugin header, most easily done by 
  * using the vmdplugin_HEAD macro.
00140 typedef struct {
} vmdplugin_t;

 * Use this macro to initialize the abiversion member of each plugin
00147 #define vmdplugin_ABIVERSION  16

/** Use this macro to indicate a plugin's thread-safety at registration time */

/** Error return code for use in the plugin registration and init functions */
00157 #define VMDPLUGIN_SUCCESS      0
#define VMDPLUGIN_ERROR       -1

 * Function pointer typedef for register callback functions
00164 typedef int (*vmdplugin_register_cb)(void *, vmdplugin_t *);

 * Allow the library to register plugins with the application.
 * The callback should be called using the passed-in void pointer, which
 * should not be interpreted in any way by the library.  Each vmdplugin_t
 * pointer passed to the application should point to statically-allocated
 * or heap-allocated memory and should never be later modified by the plugin.
 * Applications must be permitted to retain only a copy of the the plugin
 * pointer, without making any deep copy of the items in the struct.
VMDPLUGIN_EXTERN int VMDPLUGIN_register(void *, vmdplugin_register_cb);

 * Allow the library to register Tcl extensions.  
 * This API is optional; if found by dlopen, it will be called after first
 * calling init and register.  
VMDPLUGIN_EXTERN int VMDPLUGIN_register_tcl(void *, void *tcl_interp, 

 * The Fini method is called when the application will no longer use 
 * any plugins in the library.  

#endif   /* VMD_PLUGIN_H */

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