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 * COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This file contains original source code from the
 * Jenarix (TM) Library, Copyright (C) 2007-8 by Warren L. Delano of
 * DeLano Scientific LLC, Palo Alto, California, United States.
 * Please see the accompanying LICENSE file for further information.
 * All rights not explicitly granted in that LICENSE file are
 * reserved.  It is unlawful to modify or remove this notice.
 * TRADEMARK NOTICE: Jenarix is a Trademark of DeLano Scientific LLC.
#ifndef _H_ov_types
#define _H_ov_types

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#include <windows.h>

  /* automatically detect 64-bit machines */

#ifndef OV_32_BIT
#if (((size_t)-1) != 0xFFFFFFFF)
#ifndef OV_64_BIT
#define OV_64_BIT

  /* Jenarix native structs */

  typedef struct ov__object ov_object;
  typedef struct ov__gc_head ov_gc_head;
  typedef struct ov__cell ov_cell;
  typedef struct ov__block ov_block;
  typedef struct ov__opaque_head ov_opaque_head;
  typedef struct ov__triplet ov_triplet;
  typedef struct ov__node ov_node;

  /* Jenarix prototypes for native functions and object dispatch
   * NOTE: parameter "void" below is a workaround -- you must cast as
   * appropriate to enable parameter type checking */

  typedef ov_object(*ov__fn) (void);
  typedef ov_object(*ov__dispatch_fn) (void);

  /* owned primitive types */

  typedef char ov_char8;
  typedef unsigned char ov_uchar8;
  typedef char ov_int8;
  typedef unsigned char ov_uint8;
  typedef short int ov_int16;
  typedef unsigned short int ov_uint16;
  typedef int ov_int32;
  typedef unsigned int ov_uint32;
  typedef float ov_float32;
  typedef double ov_float64;
#ifdef WIN32
  typedef __int64 ov_int64;
  typedef unsigned __int64 ov_uint64;
  typedef long long ov_int64;
  typedef unsigned long long ov_uint64;
  typedef size_t ov_size;
  typedef ptrdiff_t ov_diff;

#ifdef OV_64_BIT

  /* 64 bit mode: Jenarix objects are 96 bits wide and can hold a
     double-precision floating point number without owning any
     external resources */

  typedef ov_float64 ov_float;

#define OV_FLOAT_ZERO 0.0


  /* 32 bit mode: Jenarix objects are 64 bits wide and can only hold a
     single-precision floating point number */

  typedef ov_float32 ov_float;

#define OV_FLOAT_ZERO 0.0F


  /* machine word types */

  typedef ov_size ov_uword;
  typedef ov_diff ov_word;

  /* additional derived / convenience types */

  typedef ov_uword ov_boolean;

  typedef ov_uint32 ov_meta;    /* object "meta" bits */
  typedef ov_int32 ov_status;

  typedef ov_word ov_int;       /* C-like synonyms */
  typedef ov_uword ov_uint;
  typedef ov_char8 ov_char;
  typedef ov_uchar8 ov_uchar;

  typedef ov_word ov_selector;  /* Jenarix method selector */

  /* generic untyped free pointer/resource method */

  typedef void ov_void_free(void *ptr);

  /* Jenarix object struct/union */

  struct ov__object {
    ov_uint32 meta;

    union {
      /* machine word */

      ov_word word;
      ov_uword uword;

      /* method selector */
      ov_selector selector;

      /* functions */

      ov__fn fn;                /* cast as ov_fn for parameter checking */
      ov__dispatch_fn dispatch_fn;      /* cast as ov_dispatch_fn for
                                           parameter checking */

      /* C string constants (i.e. for hardcoded use with method import) */

      const char *str_const;

      /* cells & blocks, requiring external storage */

      ov_word *ref_cnt;
      ov_gc_head *gc;           /* garbage collection and method dispatch */
      ov_block *block;
      ov_cell *cell;
      ov_opaque_head *opaque;
      ov_triplet *triplet;

      /* various in-place particle payloads */

      ov_word boolean;
      ov_char8 char8;
      ov_uchar8 uchar8;
      ov_int8 int8;
      ov_uint8 uint8;
      ov_int16 int16;
      ov_uint16 uint16;
      ov_int32 int32;
      ov_uint32 uint32;
      ov_float32 float32;

#ifdef OV_64_BIT
      ov_float64 float64;
      ov_int64 int64;
      ov_uint64 uint64;

      /* data pointer types */

      union {
        ov_word *word;
        ov_uword *uword;
        ov_word *boolean;
        ov_char8 *char8;
        ov_uchar8 *uchar8;
        ov_int8 *int8;
        ov_uint8 *uint8;
        ov_int16 *int16;
        ov_uint16 *uint16;
        ov_int32 *int32;
        ov_uint32 *uint32;
        ov_float32 *float32;
        ov_float64 *float64;
        ov_int64 *int64;
        ov_uint64 *uint64;
      } ptr;

    } data;

  /* unfortunately, due to circularity of definition, we can't get
   * compile-time parameter checking with :
   *    ov_object.fn(...)  
   * so must use: 
   *    ((ov_fn)ov_object.fn)(...) instead */

  typedef ov_object(*ov_fn) (ov_object, ov_object);
  typedef ov_object(*ov_dispatch_fn) (ov_object, ov_object, ov_object);

#ifdef __cplusplus

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