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#define vmdplugin_HEAD


int abiversion; \
  const char *type; \
  const char *name; \
  const char *prettyname; \
  const char *author; \
  int majorv; \
  int minorv; \
  int is_reentrant;
Macro for creating a struct header used in all plugin structures.

This header should be placed at the top of every plugin API definition so that it can be treated as a subtype of the base plugin type.

abiversion: Defines the ABI for the base plugin type (not for other plugins) type: A string descriptor of the plugin type. name: A name for the plugin. author: A string identifier, possibly including newlines. Major and minor version. is_reentrant: Whether this library can be run concurrently with itself.

Definition at line 124 of file vmdplugin.h.

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