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from chempy.champ import Champ

ch = Champ()

# basic validation of stereochemistry handling on the simplest system

IS = [ # implicit patterns (S) 





IR = [ # implicit patterns (R) 





XS = [ # explicit patterns (S) 










XR = [ # explicit patterns (R) 










I = [ # implicit patterns (achiral)




X = [ # explicit patterns (achiral)






# print 

PIS = map(lambda x:ch.insert_pattern_string(x),IS)
PXS = map(lambda x:ch.insert_pattern_string(x),XS)

for a in range(0,len(PIS)):
   print IS[a],ch.pattern_get_string(PIS[a])

for a in range(0,len(PXS)):
   print XS[a],ch.pattern_get_string(PXS[a])

PIR = map(lambda x:ch.insert_pattern_string(x),IR)
PXR = map(lambda x:ch.insert_pattern_string(x),XR)

for a in range(0,len(PIR)):
   print IR[a],ch.pattern_get_string(PIR[a])

for a in range(0,len(PXR)):
   print XR[a],ch.pattern_get_string(PXR[a])

PI = map(lambda x:ch.insert_pattern_string(x),I)
PX = map(lambda x:ch.insert_pattern_string(x),X)

for a in range(0,len(PI)):
   print I[a],ch.pattern_get_string(PI[a])

for a in range(0,len(PX)):
   print X[a],ch.pattern_get_string(PX[a])

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