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Public Attributes

_CObject Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int Color
int Context
int Enabled
int ExtentFlag
float ExtentMax [3]
float ExtentMin [3]
void(* fDescribeElement )(CObject *I, int index, char *buffer)
void(* fFree )(CObject *I)
char *(* fGetCaption )(CObject *I, char *ch, int len)
int(* fGetNFrame )(CObject *I)
CObjectState *(* fGetObjectState )(CObject *I, int state)
CSetting **(* fGetSettingHandle )(CObject *I, int state)
void(* fInvalidate )(CObject *I, int rep, int level, int state)
void(* fRender )(CObject *I, RenderInfo *info)
void(* fUpdate )(CObject *I)
int Grabbed
int grid_slot
ObjectNameType Name
int RepVis [cRepCnt]
float TTT [16]
int TTTFlag
int type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file PyMOLObject.h.

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